Definition : teleradiology
Main Entry: tele•ra•di•ol•o•gy
Pronunciation: "tel-&-"rAd-E-'äl-&-jE
Function: noun
Inflected Form: plural -gies
: radiology concerned with the transmission of digitized medical images (as X rays, CT, MRI scans and sonograms) over electronic networks and with the interpretation of the transmitted images for diagnostic purposes
Scanris’ clients include the following: CROs, Pharmaceuticals and Bio-techs
Hospitals and Clinics
US/UK based imaging centers
US/UK based Teleradiology Centers
Imaging Centers
  Scanris providespreliminary and final interpretation of patient images from hospitals and clinics.
Final reading and interpretation is provided by board certified and licensed Radiologists.


An imaging center can "offload" as few or as many cases as it wishes depending on the day's schedule. PreliminaryRead before the final read can slash the time needed to prepare the final report - essentially increasing the final daily case tally for the imaging center in a very efficient manner. In terms of increasing image-reading quality, it should be understood that on completion of the final read by your radiologists, the study has been double read before the report is sent to the referring physician.

There are many times when imaging centers are faced with study backlogs or they need to balance the workload when radiologists are on vacation. In addition, radiology practices are seeing increasingly high volumes of complex studies, such as cancer cases and those requiring extensive measurements; studies that can be very time consuming. By accessing our pre-reads, you should be able to improve quality and accelerate turnaround time of the final reports. Further you can substantially increase your workload without adding additional  radiologists.

Improved Quality -  Radiologist diagnoses the case and prepare detailed reports addressing each body part separately.

Double Reads - These reports are then verified by your radiologists - hence providing "Double protection" - greatly improving the quality of diagnosis.

Faster Turn-Around Time -  Additionally, leveraging the dedicated team, these reports can be turned around according to your needs.


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